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Use Your iPad as a 
Laptop Replacement
Yes, it's possible to go "mobile first!" Replace that heavy laptop with a sleek iPad just like I did.
  • Learn the benefits of a Mobile Mindset
  • Future proof your technology
  • BONUS! Learn the 10 MUST HAVE apps to be productive on the iPad
  • And So Much More...
Mobile Mindset Formula 
with BONUS 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps
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Hi, I'm Sierra Modro

I've been working on mobile devices for nearly 15 years as a programmer, engineer, and geeky enthusiast. I want to help you make the most of your investment in the iPad and iPad Pro. I've been using an iPad and iPad Pro as my laptop replacement for several years. This last year, the hardware and software reached the point where I turned off my Mac and haven't looked back.

Have you wanted to save the weight and headaches of a regular laptop? Thought that your iPad wasn't up to the job? You'd be surprised - most people I work with stop using their desktop or laptop computers and go mobile first. 

In 2016, web traffic and data access from mobile devices surpassed that of "traditional" computers. Get ahead of the curve by adopting the right mobile mindset. 

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